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Seedly Prime offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to easily access loans in a quick, transparent way.


Seedly Prime Savings Account gives you the advantages of competitive interest rates and the availability of your funds.


With your Seedly Prime Account, you can perform basic transactions like savings, withdrawal, etc with ease.

About Seedly Prime Ltd.

We are business oriented, registered with CAC, giving everyone equal opportunities, irrespective of tribe, religion, ethnic and gender through best practices.

Our utmost priority is giving a meaningful definition to existence by touching lives of people who are willing and active but are financially incapacitated, making the world a better place for the underprivileged in the society, with focus on economic empowerment for both men and women who are into small scale businesses, as we strongly believe that the only way to bring poverty to barest minimum is by improving economic standard of the poor and less privileged.

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To take front seat in micro lending in Nigeria, through economic empowerment, by totally eradicating and bringing financial exclusion to null and thereby reviving people's hope.


To promote financial inclusion, sustainability and economic empowerment.



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